Section RC2

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Construction Start: March 2021

Construction Completion: Fall 2026

Cost: Approx. $110.8M

General Contractor: J.D. Eckman Inc., Atglen PA


U.S. 1, RC2 Improvements extend from south of the Rockhill Drive Interchange to a point north of the Penndel Interchange. Section RC2 will include improvements to:

U.S. 1 (Lincoln Highway)

  • From north of the Turnpike interchange to the Penndel interchange:
    • Addition of a third travel lane in each direction and auxiliary lanes between interchanges
    • Increased median width to provide minimum 12’-wide inside shoulder
  • From north of the Turnpike interchange to north of the Neshaminy interchange
    • Profile raised to improve vertical clearance over SR 2044 (Rockhill Drive)
  • Between the PA Turnpike interchange and the Neshaminy interchange
    • Addition of an auxiliary lane in both directions
  • North of the Neshaminy interchange to southern limit of frontage (service) roads
    • Realignment of U.S. 1 SB over Neshaminy Creek and U.S. 1 NB over Business Route 1/CSX/SEPTA to facilitate construction

SR 2044 (Rockhill Drive)

  • Additional turn lanes in both directions
  • Proposed sidewalks along both eastbound and westbound Rockhill Drive to improve pedestrian access


SR 8055 (Neshaminy Interchange)

  • Relocation of the ramp from Rockhill Drive to U.S. 1 northbound from the northeastern quadrant of the interchange to the southeastern quadrant
  • Improvements to ramp geometries to meet current design standards
  • Modifications to both existing signalized intersections on Rockhill Drive to improve traffic flow into and out of the Neshaminy Mall and the Horizon Corporate Center
  • Improvements to U.S. 1 NB exit to Rockhill Drive and U.S. 1 SB exit to Rockhill Drive to provide two lane ramps
  • Improvement of the interchange ramp geometries
  • Removal of signalized intersection immediately west of the existing Neshaminy Mall traffic signal

SR 8067 (Penndel Interchange)

  • Improvements to ramp geometries to meet current design standards
  • Improvement of acceleration and deceleration lane lengths


  • Replacement
    • U.S. 1 over SR 2044 (Rockhill Drive)
    • U.S. 1 over Neshaminy Creek
    • U.S. 1 over Business Route 1/CSX/SEPTA
Retaining Wall
  • U.S. 1 NB exit ramp at Neshaminy Interchange
  • U.S. 1 NB exit ramp at Penndel Interchange
  • Business Route 1 SB near Old Lincoln Highway exit
Sound Barrier
  • U.S. 1 SB bridge over Business Route 1/CSX/SEPTA north to near Old Lincoln Highway (Potential)



Overall Typical Section

Proposed Construction Staging Typical Section

RC2 Roadway Plans

RC2 Public Plans Display Open House is Scheduled for November 7, 2018.

Check back for updates on RC2 Improvements.